Bird Friendly Gardening! Native Plants For Birds!

Your garden/landscape, however big or small, is a part of nature. For many reasons animals are attracted to your garden and birds use your garden for food and shelter. The North Carolina Audubon Society does a great job promoting native plants that benefit birds and they have produced an excellent brochure that is available at our nursery so be sure to ask for one when you come out to visit us.              

Some Bird Friendly Native Plants We Grow Here:

Larval Host Plants----Baptisia, Thermopsis and Chasmanthium


Berry producing plants---Callicarpa americana Beautyberry

Seed producing plants---Echinacea Purple Coneflower, Swamp Sunflower, Joe-Pye, Big Bluestem Grass, Rudbeckias

Nectar Producing plants--- Monarda Bee balm, Lobelia Cardinal Flower, Vernonia Ironweed, Stokesia Stokes Aster

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