Some Of Our Favorites!

Everyone has their favorites and here are a few of ours:


Phlox paniculata Robert Poore a wonderful native phlox 


Lantana Miss Huff and Mozzelle perennial lantana that will take all the sun and heat and drought you throw at it, and it is a butterfly magnet!


Stokesia Stokes Aster a vigorous yet well behaved perennial that offers summer color and year round nice solid green foliage


Lavender Otto Quast Spanish Lavender not your typical lavender, a unique bloom, nice fragrance and is much more tolerant of our heat and humidity than other lavenders


Peonies are so worth the space, gorgeous double and single blooms, many are fragrant, very dependable


FAVS FOR THE FOLIAGE: Farfugium, Stachys Lambs Ear, Hosta, Fern, Perennial Grasses and Iris   

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